Steep learning curve

How do you feel about your health care, America?
Understanding our nation’s new health care system is a indeed a challenge these days, no matter what your perspective. The health care landscape has changed dramatically with implementation of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
Much has been said and written since this historic legislation was passed in 2010, though the actual result of how it is impacting families and businesses is still a work in progress. This massive reform came too fast for Congress to digest the details, let alone anxious Americans who want and need to know how their families will be covered in the years ahead.
Beginning this month, the News-Register, in partnership with the Nebraska Press Association Foundation, the Colorado Press Association, the South Dakota Newspaper Association, the Hoosier State Press Association and with the support of a grant from The Commonwealth Fund will provide year three of the nation’s first Rural Health News Service series. National health reporters will help create bi-weekly news stories, some with important graphics, to help all of us better understand the health issues in our community, state and nation.
The goal is to provide unbiased, factual stories that our readers can use, and this is our way to help our communities address important health care issues.
In terms of health care providers, Hamilton County is blessed to have access to Memorial Community Health Inc., which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. In addition to this health series, we will continue to turn to MCHI officials for help understanding terms and concepts like “population health,” which in general deals with a more proactive philosophy of both preventing and dealing with chronic health issues.
Ultimately, health care is a very personal issue, especially when we face challenges or unknowns in our own families or immediate circle of friends and extended family. It’s more important than ever now that we pay attention to health care, both within our own families and for our nation as a whole.
This health care series is one piece of that puzzle.
Kurt Johnson

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