A trip to the movies an eye-opener for grandparents

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The betterhalf and I headed to Texas to visit the grandkids this past week. Naturally, we both tried to find some one-on-one time to spoil them. That time came on a Sunday afternoon when we suggested going to a movie of their choice and emphasized it must be a movie that was appropriate for a couple of boys ages 9 and 11.
When making the movie suggestion we had in mind a Disney flick, a comedy, or an animated film. Two of three themes were eliminated immediately when no Disney shows, or animated films were available. Subject matter number three -- a comedy -- proved not appropriate in our estimation for our young viewers.
 The 11-year-old then checked the marquee of a movie complex and said they would vote to see the outer space show, “Guardians of the Galaxy.” We adults found no objection to the show because we were told it was rated PG and featured a talking raccoon and a tree among the characters. Ah, a good kids’ film we thought when we granted our approval although outer space was not our favorite theme.
We must admit, the betterhalf and I are not avid moviegoers and in the past few years average about three movies a year, and those at our own more than economical 12th Street Cinema.
Needless to say, we faced a couple of shocks. Number one shock came when we purchased four tickets for two seniors and two grade schoolers. Very little change was handed back to me at the ticket booth after putting out two twenties.
Moving on to the concession stand shock number two was issued. This time the betterhalf dug deep into her purse, pulled out another 20 and asked for three small bags of popcorn -- I’m not a popcorn eater.  The concessionaire handed her the three bags and with it a few silver coins. The betterhalf questioned him noting she gave him a 20. “Yes, I know madam, but small bags are $6.50 each.”
Inside the theater we were treated to about 15 minutes of previews and found movie houses apparently drop the PG, R, etc. ratings for previews. That is where my naïveness continued when I noticed my pure little grandsons appeared to be laughing at a few of the off-color clips.
For the next couple of hours we witnessed the guardians saving the galaxy as space ships battled, one of which was manned by a raccoon pilot (formerly a human) and his sidekick, a talking tree named “Root.” The evils from other planets were destroyed. A potentially gem in a steel ball was recovered and put in the hands of the good guys; and the galaxy was saved.
As we left the movie theater, my ears continued to ring and I couldn’t help but hope maybe someday a movie director will find out just how welcome a simple Roy Rogers style cowboy movie could be. Oops – there I’m being naive again!
It looks like recalls are going to continue for the auto industry. Now about 25 million autos could have defective airbags. Interestingly, the public is being directed to have some airbags disconnected until replacements are available. Does that mean our government safety watchdogs are admitting after all these years, we were safer without airbags rather than having them in our autos?
Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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