Worthy celebration

Hamilton County’s rich history in ag-based innovation and record-breaking production was on display again last week with the grand re-opening of Syngenta’s new $63 million expansion project.
Though the facility was essentially completed in time for last year’s harvest, the company took some extra time to celebrate the finished product, which is indeed a shining star for Hamilton County. This is a success story that continues to evolve, and will for generations to come.
On a site that has been producing seed corn since 1943, Syngenta continues to build on a legacy of success. What started with a 2-acre field named Prairie Valley Farm by the Heuermann family has since grown to a sprawling 60 acre complex with some of the most cutting-edge technology on the planet. Fittingly, Keith Heuermann was in attendance last week, as were many of the growers who have dedicated their land to growing seed for many years.
Syngenta’s decision to expand its operations with such a sizable investment is a strong testament to its confidence in the consistency and quality of crops grown here in Hamilton County. Their customers expect and demand a consistent seed corn product and the Swiss-based company knows it will get exactly that here in Central Nebraska. That’s due in large part to prime soil conditions, precious aquifer, a solid base of seed corn acreage and the availability of hard-working detassling crews.
Comments from Syngenta president Ponsi Trivisvavet and Gov. Dave Heineman echoed what many local residents already knew, and that is that we live on some of the most precious farm land in America. Syngenta hopes to maximize that resource, Trivisvavet explained, by utilizing technology designed to increase seed crop yield by 20 percent without adding additional inputs or water.
That’s a VERY big deal, for several reasons. Such technology will ultimately help feed the world. And, significantly for Hamilton County, it creates more local jobs and strengthens the tie of a global company to this Phillips-based plant.
It’s a win-win-win deal, one worth all the pomp and circumstance it received last week, and more.
Kurt Johnson

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