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Over the past few weeks I’ve made some observations. Noting that the world is changing you are welcome to take what those observations are worth.
I was always thankful that I felt the Midwest was exempt from the troubles of the metro areas of the East and West Coasts. Apparently those troubles have entered our Midwest. The Omaha Public Schools budgeted $1.1 million for its share of Omaha police officer employment on OPS sites based on a 50-50 cost split with the law enforcement agency. The Omaha Police Department counted 844 arrests at OPS middle and high schools this past year – 42 felony arrests and 802 misdemeanor arrests.
Now for other observations how our world is changing:
It takes someone older than most people now living to remember why 10-cent stores were so named. But, wait a minute! We still have those stores. Counting inflation factors they are now called “Dollar General Stores.”
Sniffles have now started. Temps are varying. The wind is blowing and hints of winter are on the horizon. We question since doctors tell us there is no cure for the common cold. Then why is it so many people catch the common cold, but seem to get well?
This summer a harried mother noted mosquitoes were like children – when they stop making a noise you know they are getting into something.
Why is it some girls scream bloody murder at the sight of a mouse – and go right out and get in the car with a wolf?
Speaking of girls, there are girls who swear they’ve never been kissed. I guess you can hardly blame them for swearing.
After many years of marriage I found if a man changes his mind as often as a woman, chances are he’s married to her.
Remember when we claimed “life begins at 40”? Well, actually life begins when we realize just how soon it ends.
 And finally if you’re in the stock market there’s the story of an American History teacher discussing Puritan folkways and asking, “Does anyone know what kind of people were punished in the stocks?” A small voice piped up,  “Small investors.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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