Major milestone

Quality health care facilities are an essential ingredient to a strong and stable community, something Aurora’s forefathers figured out more than 50 years ago.
The vision and perseverance of a handful of men and women who had the community’s health and well being at heart is worth celebrating in this golden anniversary year. It is simply impossible to place a value on what a hospital means to a town and its residents, but we know for a fact that Aurora wouldn’t be the place it is today without Memorial Hospital and the MCHI health care umbrella.
Marking the hospital’s 50th anniversary has been a year-long celebration, beginning with an open house in January. Another event is planned in December, and the News-Register devoted some well-deserved front page space today to a story that deserves to be told, retold and remembered.
This story continues to evolve, as does the hospital and MCHI itself. As everyone knows, health care is a rapidly changing landscape these days, especially as the depth and detail of federal administrative changes known as Obamacare take hold.
That makes the challenge of running a rural community hospital even more daunting, trying to anticipate the legal changes ahead, all the while providing high-tech tools and procedures of the trade which citizens expect from their health care provider.
Looking back over the News-Register archives, my predecessor shared a sentiment in 1964 that is every bit as relevant today as it was then. “I think I voice the sentiment of the entire area in saying that the board has done a tremendous job, and we owe them a deep debt of gratitude,” publisher Gerald J. Bremer wrote at the time of the hospital’s debut.
The board, doctors, nurses and support staff deserve our collective thanks today as well.
The current MCHI board deserves credit for honoring MCHI’s history while also working hard to create a new vision for the future. Their work goes unnoticed in many ways, though the end result is priceless at the moment of truth when a loved one needs immediate medical care.
Aurora is indeed blessed to have a quality hospital and medical staff. It has long been an anchor for our community, affecting our quality of life and in many ways impacting the town’s ability to grow and prosper.
Kurt Johnson

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