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Husker fans watching Saturday night’s Nebraska-Miami game on the tube saw something pretty special, but for those of us who were there, it’s going to be a game we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives.
I’ve seen lots of games in that stadium, but never one like that.
It was a Saturday night special.
Miami, forever the bad boys of college football, certainly lived up to their reputation as we all know. By now that’s been well-documented.
But I can’t help but wonder if it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their reputation precedes them, so why is anyone surprised when fights and/or skirmishes break out?
I can probably count on my hand the number of times I’ve heard Husker fans boo an opponent as they take the field. Of course Colorado (guilty). Probably Oklahoma. K-State, too. And I remember 1998, Scott Frost and Co. taking down pre-season No. 9 Washington 55-7. I think the Huskies got booed off the field as well, just like the ‘Canes did following their 10-point loss.
There were certainly some questionable calls and NU had every right to vent against the guys wearing the stripes. They get paid to get calls right and they should be held accountable.
Why they put up with some of the extra stuff going on between plays is beyond me, and why did the side judge, in the fourth quarter, do nothing when one of the Miami defenders landed a solid punch to Kenny Bell’s right shoulder? To his credit, the Husker senior kept his composure.
Other things seen on the turf and in the air:
*Aurora’s Garret Johns being one of the first Huskers to take the field in pre-game warm ups with the kickers, getting a loud ovation.
*A red helicopter circling the stadium three or four times right around kickoff.
*A beautiful September sunset.
*A goose bump filled double tunnel walk featuring Tom Osborne and his 1994 national championship team. Really good stuff!
*An official throwing his hanky 20 yards behind the play for pass interference against the Huskers, only to stumble and face plant into the turf. The call was reversed so justice was served.
*Back to back 11-play drives by Big Red to end the first half and start the second. Kind of reminded me of old times.
*Miami coach Al Golden running down to the 10-yard line to complain to an official. Shouldn’t that at least be a penalty?
*Husker players turning to fans in the east stadium, jumping up and down to celebrate the final few seconds. And where the heck did all those colored streamers come from?
*Bo Pelini walking up and down the Husker sideline telling his players to head directly to the showers.
*Ameer Abdullah running over to NU’s student section to thank them for their support following his last on-field interview. Then he ran over to the cheerleaders to thank them as well.
*And finally...fireworks, and lots of ‘em. They were deafening at times, just like the crowd.
My ears are still ringing, but it’s all good.
Definitely something I’ll never forget.
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