News-Register enhances online presence

Dear readers,
The News-Register takes another step into the digital age with this week’s edition, introducing new and improved formats on which to share local news of the day.
After years of research, planning and training, we are pleased to announce the release of a new website and an improved digital edition of your newspaper. As of Tuesday, this new service brings you the latest news on a new and improved website, along with an exact replica of the printed newspaper delivered online. With its flip-book page turning format, zoom-in functionality and search capabilities, our e-Edition offers the latest in digital newspaper technology while continuing to provide a classic newspaper reading experience.
The differences in the new e-Edition are substantial, and noteworthy. It’s easier to view and navigate, searching past editions is simpler and user-friendly, and we’ll be posting special editions as they are published, making it easier to find and use things like the Aurora Guide magazine.
In addition to the new e-Edition features, viewers will also be able to log on to see what’s happening in Hamilton County via mobile phone, iPad, desktop computer or whatever digital device you choose. Using what has been described as responsive technology, the website knows what kind of electronic device you are on and formats the product to fit your screen accordingly.
It’s pretty cool technology, I believe, and we’re excited to be able to offer this new viewing and reading experience. We invite you to log on to and take a look.
The new website will also let us reach our audience with simultaneous Twitter and Facebook posts. The News-Register staff has been utilizing social media for quite some time now, though this new format will help consolidate those efforts.

Digital history
This is a leap forward for the News-Register, though certainly not a first step into the digital realm. This weekly newspaper was among the first in the state to launch a website back in 1995 and readers have been able to view our online e-Edition for the past decade. This latest venture reflects continuing efforts to reach our audience whenever and wherever you want to find out what’s happening in our little corner of the world.
Many of you have told us you enjoy holding a newspaper in your hands as part of a personal routine that’s become a comforting ritual. I happen to count myself in that crowd, and can’t imagine NOT starting my day with a newspaper fix. For our loyal print readers, rest assured that nothing has changed in terms of the printed product. We are devoting all the same resources, people, time and talent to bringing you the latest news and advertising information you’ve come to expect.
Rather, we’re launching this new venture as a way to enhance the delivery of local information, which is ultimately the core product we have always provided. In that sense, we are no longer just a weekly newspaper, but a daily source of local information.

Free trial period
This new e-Edition service will be free to all interested persons until Sept. 22 as part of an introductory offer. After that time, only paid subscribers will have access to the e-Edition, though the free-access website will continue to offer unique features such as Soundslide reports and videos, in addition to brief reports teasing full content found behind the paywall or in the weekly edition.
To view our new e-Edition, log on to the website and click the front page replica on the top right corner, or the e-Edition button at the very top of the screen.
As always, we appreciate your support, and invite your candid feedback. We would very much like to know what you think of this new venture.
It’s been said that a newspaper is a reflection of the community it serves. You have set the bar high, Hamilton County, thus we look forward to continually pushing the envelope in an effort to remain a vibrant, vital source of local information.
KURT JOHNSON can be reached at kjohnson@

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