New beginnings

It’s like cracking open a new book for the very first time.
Crisp pages.
Fresh material.
Anxious eyes ready to dive in and see what lies in the pages beyond.
The first week of school is upon us, with a familiar look and feel that reminds us another year of change, learning and opportunity has arrived. Whether your family is embarking on that first, magical day of kindergarten, the jump into high school, that quantum leap into college life or somewhere in between, these are exciting, memorable times.
It’s even starting to feel a bit like fall, though somewhat prematurely. We’ve not heard many complaints about the cooler temperatures and start of another school year, except for perhaps a few farmers hoping for another heat wave to help finish out this year’s late crop.
There is just something about a new beginning that refreshes the soul and invigorates the body and mind to take on new challenges. Sometimes we need new goals to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and realize that we’re never too young, or too old, to learn something new.
For school-age kids, it’s time to re-engage with friends, activities, homework and in essence a sense of productive routine. As good as it feels to change gears for a few weeks of summer, the batteries should be recharged now and ready to take on new adventures. Though we’ve heard a few grumbles from teens not quite ready to say farewell to summer, deep down they know it’s time. Change is constant in today’s world, and the sooner kids learn to adapt and grow with those changes the better off they’ll be.
Education at its core is about individual learning, but it is also a community experience, as well as a family-building bond. Aurorans share that spirit and are ready to don their school colors, as are folks in Hampton, Giltner and throughout the High Plains district.
On that note, it’s a clean slate, a perfect season, with a whole lot of lifetime memories waiting to unfold. We wish all area students, teachers, coaches and families the best as they embark on another year of learning.
Kurt Johnson

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