Arnold Salmon - March 14, 2014

A report on the death of Arnold Salmon, 92, a former Stockham resident, came from his sister Imogene Salmon Farthing in Florida.
Arnold Lester Salmon died Friday, March 14, 2014, in Rio Dell, a northern California rural area. He was the grandson of Stockham homesteader Alexander Salmon, the Scotsman who came to Hamilton County in 1868 with his brother John to claim their 160 acres – a year after Nebraska became a state. His grandmother Jennie Carrell Salmon, who lived a month short of 100 years, was greeted affectionately as “Aunt Jennie” by many county residents.
Arnold, the son of Peter “Bud” and Edna Ross Salmon, was born August 2, 1921, at the family farmhouse four miles west of Stockham and a mile north along the Blue River.
Arnold was a professional drummer who played in big bands across the nation, including a stint as drummer in the Metz Polka Band on KMMJ in Grand Island at 4 p.m. daily.
Arnold attended the Verona School District No. 5 and the Stockham High School.
Arnold left the farm to join the Navy in World War II and never returned to live in Nebraska. Like the WWI song “How ya’ goin’ keep ‘em down on the farm?” (Once they’ve seen Paree) fit the life of this WWII sailor, according to Rex Salmon, coordinator of the Salmon Pioneer Family Association of Hamilton County. He only returned home for short visits and funerals, his sister said.
Arnold was married several times but never had any children. He is survived by wife Eleise, his sister Imogene “Jeanne” Farthing, who lives at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and her daughter, Lori Held Thomas and her four children, in Georgia and Colorado. He is also survived by a sister-in-law, Arlene Eckerson Salmon of Grand Island, and her three sons, Jerry, Dennis, and Lonnie, and families.
Two brothers preceded Arnold in death. Wilbur Salmon died Jan. 5, 2013, and brother Ivan Eugene Salmon died as an infant in 1928.
Final arrangements were not given by his wife.

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