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Dear Editor:

I want to thank the city street department for the work they did to make our city a place of beauty.

I called them one morning to see if they could clean up some weeds at the end of our street. I could not do it and they said that they would surely take a look at it. They came that morning to assess it and by 2 p.m. it was all cleaned up and sprayed. New red signs were put up and it really looks nice.

The best part was that they said “Call us anytime.”

Thanks so very much to our city workers who serve our community.

Laura Goertzen

Please drive with your lights on PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
Why is it so difficult for people to drive with lights on during the day?

It doesn’t take any more gas and it sure makes it a lot easier to see someone coming.

Put your lights on and save a life.

June Hoegh

Please keep the water off the roadway PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
I’m not sure who to direct this to exactly, but on a recent evening I took a drive into the country, just for fun and to see nature as it is at the present -- a beautiful green and lush environment.
The ride was sometimes difficult due to the unwatched sprinklers that shoot over the road, not only before my passing by but once in a while as I am passing.
It is illegal to let this happen and very dangerous. But, I have heard some say, they don’t maintain the end gun because it takes too much time and they will pay their $100 fine instead. That’s not really enough to deter them.
I don’t have to drive the country roads often, but I have family and friends who do regularly and I know of a recent experience when the driver came very close to having an accident when hitting such a spot in the dark.
Not only are there errant sprinklers, but many corners are blinded by corn or sunflowers. My son-in-law and family live with the aftermath of a blind corner accident, victims of carelessness.
While I don’t enjoy being a complainer, sometimes it is necessary to remind people of problem areas. The road becomes wet and traffic causes ruts, gravel washes off and driving is made more difficult.
I, for one, will report the situation in hopes of getting a safer drive. I hope the owners will take responsibility for their own property.
Noni Troester

Cemetery damage is sacrilege PDF E-mail

Dear editor:

The person or persons who damaged tombstones at Farmers Valley Cemetery in Hamilton County should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Then they should be made to come out and help restore the cemetery they destroyed.  
I know they won’t be reading this, though, because someone who would do that doesn’t read newspapers.
I have taken hundreds of pictures of tombstones in the Hamilton/Hall County areas for people from out of state whose ancestors are buried here. Disregard for family history and grave sites is, in my opinion, sacrilege.
Jackie Rudnick, genealogist
Grand Island

Grand Island still best site for veterans home PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
“What price did you pay for your freedom?” A question asked by some.

“There is a debt that can never be fully repaid to our veterans.” A statement made by many.

We all owe a form of payment to those who have served our country. That payment is made in many different ways and amounts. Some do it monetarily, others with support and volunteerism. Grand Island has a proven track record of all of the above as witnessed by providing care for our veterans at the Grand Island Veterans Home for over 126 years.

The claim Grand Island has in caring for and supporting veterans cannot be denied, nor should it be overlooked. Grand Island has a right to be extremely proud of its heritage and willingness to stand tall for those who have served.

The GI Home for our Heroes Committee presented a very detailed proposal to the “Site Selection Committee” justifying that a new veterans home be built in Grand Island. The work that was involved was very comprehensive and reviewed thoroughly prior to its submission. We have 126 years of experience that no other community can attest to in caring for our veterans and their family members, who have resided at the Grand Island Veterans Home.

The volunteerism and community support in caring for veterans in a veterans home setting is unmatched by others that were involved in seeking to be the site for a new facility. Grand Island has a proven history of being a very strong advocate for veterans and I believe that commitment in advocating for veterans will continue for the next 126 years and beyond.

There has been much said and printed regarding the decision to move the Grand Island Veterans Home to another community. If you believe, as I do, that the proper site for a new veterans home is Grand Island, Neb., then we must make our state leaders aware of those beliefs. The Nebraska state legislators need to hear from each of us, now, as a new legislative session is fast approaching. We should also let Washington hear our voices, loud and clear! There is a very real possibility of retaining the veterans home in Grand Island, so let youvoice be heard.

Donald L. Shuda
Veterans service officer
Hall/Howard/Nancy/Sherman County

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