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Dear Editor:

The saga of the Turtle Beach and Lac-denado Road goes on ... and on.

North R Road has been treacherous for over 15 years as it is wash-boarded, rutted and pot-holed. It is unsafe for drivers and damaging to our vehicles. Yet, numerous requests to grade and hard surface this 1/3 mile of road have been ignored, stalled or action promised, but not fulfilled. In 2004 883 vehicles were recorded (traffic counter) traveling this road in six days. At that time the county board put this road on the county’s 1 & 6 Year Road Improvement Plan and, in 2007, the board voted to move this hard surface project to top priority. Nothing happened other than promises it would be done soon.

During this time the road became so wash-boarded and rough that a Turtle Beach resident filled in holes and smoothed out the road with his farm equipment. We were told by the county to stop immediately.

In 2010 commissioner Larry Fox reviewed the proposed county road budget and presented three options, each covering the expected annual road maintenance/purchases, with enough money left to asphalt North R Road. But at the commissioner meeting, when Fox motioned to move forward with the R Road project using the budgets he presented, the roads superintendent was opposed, citing lack of money available even though the budget figures showed otherwise. Larry’s motion did not get seconded.

In March of 2011 we had another meeting with the commissioners. By now the R Road project has been on the plan for eight years and nothing had been done. By this time the county had collected over $200,000 in county taxes from the property at these two developments.

In 2012 the commissioners approved a much cheaper “fix” for this road: They agreed to re-grade, pack and apply six inches of old millings in two-inch layers at a cost of $15,972, using the county’s stockpiled millings with a hot mix over the top. However, no oil was applied and the milled road broke up immediately resulting in large potholes. There was a great deal of “he says/she says”  as to why no oil was added, but no one from the county followed through on this and it appears this project was set up to fail. The roads superintendant has proposed removing these millings and returning this to a gravel road.

We oppose the return of a gravel road -- why repeat what didn’t work in the first place? 

We met with the commissioners a month ago. They confirmed it is the worst road in Hamilton County with the most traffic. They then agreed to take bids for asphalting this road, but warned they may reject all bids. The advertisement for bids ran in the paper for three weeks with the bid opening date of Sept. 16. But there were no bids on Sept. 16 because the road department had not submitted the specifications required for contractors to prepare bids. No specs = no bids. We lost three weeks of critical time. We later were told by the roads department the delay in the specifications was due to the commissioners not approving the cost of the survey necessary to write the specs.

On Sept. 16 the board voted to start over with the bid process promising us the specs would be available soon. On Monday, Sept. 23, we learned incorrect specs had been inadvertently submitted but would be corrected yet that day.

Is all of this just “dumb luck” or are we simply being duped by a ploy to dangle the promise of a better road with no intentions of ever following through?

Over the years our residents have spent thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs attributed to the condition of this road (front ends, ball joints, struts, tires, wheel bearings, alignments, etc). Last week approximately $7,000 of these bills were turned into the county insurance carrier as claims against the county and more are to come. Last week the school bus broke down on this road, completely losing power and the mechanic’s diagnosis was the rutted road vibrated the electrical system loose, making the bus inoperable. This week  the roads department put up new 20 mph speed limit signs confirming the safety liability of R road. But, the washboard surface causes severe vibration at any speed.

Our two developments have greatly increased Hamilton County’s tax base. Most county leaders welcome and encourage growth in their county, recognizing new developments increase their tax base and the new people purchase goods and services locally. We have met resistance at every turn with the commissioners and roads department. We ask these people to live up to the opening sentence in the Hamilton County Employee Handbook which every employee must read and sign. It states: “The Hamilton County Board recognizes and declares the necessity of providing the most efficient and highest quality services for the citizens of Hamilton County. This should include asphalting  North R Road to allow County citizens safe and reasonable access.

Shirley Peterson
Resident of Turtle Beach

Kidnapped dog a member of the family PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
To the person who took my puppy from our farm near Giltner, I know you will probably never read this but I need to “vent.”

Wednesday, you didn’t just take a puppy from someone’s yard, you took a member of my family. Bit is one of my children and always will be. I don’t understand how someone can actually pull off an act like you did and sleep at night, but I guess you do.

You see, I’m not just someone who has “pets.” I have four-legged adopted “children” and each and every one of them mean the world to me. I have spent the last two days and nights crying because of your actions. I have looked everywhere, called everyone I could think of. I have friends who are unselfishly spending hours looking for her as well. I know that you will probably never get caught for what you did, but you will have to look at her every day and know that you kidnapped someone’s child.

I’m not going to curse at you or call you ugly names. Just the opposite. As I sit here with tears running down my face, I am asking God to bless you mightily. My God can use any situation for His glory and maybe you have a child who really wanted a puppy and you couldn’t afford one, so this is your way to make your child happy. I just want you to know that I forgive you. Please be good to her and love her. She loves to sleep in the bed with you and she loves to give kisses. Watch your socks though, they are her favorite.

To Bit: “I love you Bit and I will miss you every day. Be a good dog for your new family.”

Coleen Bish

City crews help keep Aurora clean PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:

I want to thank the city street department for the work they did to make our city a place of beauty.

I called them one morning to see if they could clean up some weeds at the end of our street. I could not do it and they said that they would surely take a look at it. They came that morning to assess it and by 2 p.m. it was all cleaned up and sprayed. New red signs were put up and it really looks nice.

The best part was that they said “Call us anytime.”

Thanks so very much to our city workers who serve our community.

Laura Goertzen

Please drive with your lights on PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
Why is it so difficult for people to drive with lights on during the day?

It doesn’t take any more gas and it sure makes it a lot easier to see someone coming.

Put your lights on and save a life.

June Hoegh

Please keep the water off the roadway PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
I’m not sure who to direct this to exactly, but on a recent evening I took a drive into the country, just for fun and to see nature as it is at the present -- a beautiful green and lush environment.
The ride was sometimes difficult due to the unwatched sprinklers that shoot over the road, not only before my passing by but once in a while as I am passing.
It is illegal to let this happen and very dangerous. But, I have heard some say, they don’t maintain the end gun because it takes too much time and they will pay their $100 fine instead. That’s not really enough to deter them.
I don’t have to drive the country roads often, but I have family and friends who do regularly and I know of a recent experience when the driver came very close to having an accident when hitting such a spot in the dark.
Not only are there errant sprinklers, but many corners are blinded by corn or sunflowers. My son-in-law and family live with the aftermath of a blind corner accident, victims of carelessness.
While I don’t enjoy being a complainer, sometimes it is necessary to remind people of problem areas. The road becomes wet and traffic causes ruts, gravel washes off and driving is made more difficult.
I, for one, will report the situation in hopes of getting a safer drive. I hope the owners will take responsibility for their own property.
Noni Troester

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