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My football is better than their’s PDF E-mail

It’s taken me quite a few years to realize this, but one’s perspective is what life is really all about.

What you see, who you interact with and where you’re from makes you who you are, or in this case, makes me who I am.

We recently took a family vacation to Costa Rica to get away from it all, and boy did we. Fresh water crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys and lots of sugar cane fields were part of an experience we’ll remember forever.

The warm ocean waters weren’t bad, either, and the hot tropical sun was something to be experienced.

But the natives were getting all hyped up about the upcoming World Cup, their beloved Costa Rica soccer team ready for action.

I guess I actually felt slightly guilty because for all their excitement, all I could feel was apathy.

I could care less about the World Cup, not because I don’t appreciate the athletes’ skills and stamina, but it’s just not something I follow. It’s not who I am.

That “football” is quite different from the one in Lincoln, and thank you very much, I’ll stick with mine any day of the week.

I wore my Husker cap when I was out in the sun and I knew the people there had no idea what that was all about, so basically it all evened out. I knew they could care less about Big Red or even American sports and that’s fine. I get it.
The Husker football program took a huge blow this past week or so when two high-caliber wide receivers said thanks, but no thanks.

First was Monte Harrison, the freak athlete/football/baseball player from Lee’s Summit, a suburb of Kansas City, who received enough of a signing bonus ($1.8 million to be exact) with the Milwaukee Brewers to sign his contract.

That hurts, but it wasn’t unexpected.

Second was University of Washington transfer Damore’ea Stringfellow, who apparently signed his transfer papers but didn’t quite get all of his T’s crossed and I’s dotted to be a Cornhusker.

His late switch to Mississippi is a shock and a real blow to the program.

It’s just the latest pendulum swing for Bo Pelini. He’s a coach that in the past gets on the hot seat, somehow survives and gains momentum for a few weeks or even months, only to have something bad or unexpected happen.

From where I stand, it’s time for the head coach to regroup.
When I think back three years ago, when the Huskers joined the Big Ten, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the Husker football program would start off conference play going 17-8, but that’s exactly what has happened.

If you recall following the 2010 football season, the conference was in a down cycle (82-58 overall combined records) and nationally its perception was starting to grow weak. Michigan State got blown out by Alabama 49-7 in their bowl game.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot has changed after three seasons. In 2013 the conference finished 88-65, and more teams needing to step up the pace.

The Spartans are one team that has made steady progress, winning the BIG and beating Stanford in this year’s Rose Bowl.

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