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In our household things seem to come back and haunt me. That was the case the other day when the betterhalf announced she was going grocery shopping and needed the car to do the shopping as well as dart around Aurora on  other chores. I told the betterhalf, “Don’t take the Buick because I just washed the car and don’t want to get it dirty.”

As she opened the door and exited the household, the betterhalf shouted back, “Don’t use the toilet because I just cleaned it!”

Chalk up another zing for the betterhalf. Life tends to get tougher for me each year.
* * * *
Speaking of the household, we finally burned out all of our old lightbulbs. Those were the frosted-glass ones we once called “light bulbs” and now sport the new terminology “LEDs” with brightness measurements in lumens instead of watts.

If you haven’t noticed, shopping for LED lamps is like an old fella buying green bananas. You stand the chance of never seeing another light burn out. Still, I nearly wiped out a $20 bill for an 800 lumens LED that has a life of 22.8 years based on three hours daily. I recognize I’d probably not be around in 22.8 years to see if the guaranteed 22.8 years can be fulfilled. But just in case, I saved the box and receipt if that LED fails.
* * * *
One of the best sounds of these December mornings was getting out of bed; turning up the thermostat; and hearing the furnace kick in. Of course, by the end of this month my joy will be ended when the gas bill arrives. I do feel fortunate because judging by the heating repair service trucks I see at residences, it appears plenty of homeowners have had heating problems.
* * * *
Time flies during the holiday season. The betterhalf and I split duties during this time of year. She does most of Christmas gift shopping while handing me the chore of writing a Christmas letter to friends and family. As each year passes it seems that chore gets more challenging. When we reverted back to a two-person household, repetition became a byproduct. Now, I’m not talking about being hard of hearing and the two of us often repeating much of our conversation. I’m talking about years that in some ways are a repeat of the previous year. Traveling to see the kids a couple of times during the year; heading to the lake cabin for the summer; going to Nebraska football games; all occur year after year. We don’t mean our life is boring because we certainly enjoy life and feel blessed being able to do these things.

We also seem to have a lifestyle here a home that is best seen in the newspaper comic pages. Comic strips like Pickles, Shoe, The Pluggers, Blondie and Hagar the Horrible all represent the betterhalf and me pretty well. Thank goodness we haven’t become an example for Doonsbury and still can find time to laugh at ourselves!

On a serious note and week early, we extend to each of you a very Merry Christmas and hope your holidays are filled with happiness. We hope all of you recognize the true meaning of Christmas and are able to find peace and joy in your lives throughout the year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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