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We read where that a couple of monkeys were kidnapped from Doniphan and since have been returned. That reminded me of a recent monkey tale (tail?)

There had been an atomic war and all human beings and animal life were dead, except one monkey in one cave.
He began searching for a companion. He traveled for days and finally he found a lady monkey who was very lonesome and glad to see him.

As a sign of her welcome she offered him an apple. But he said, “No, No. Let’s not start that all over again.”
*  *  *
Remember when geographical regions were plainly described? The areas were simply East, West, North and South. First, we added Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, etc. Now when weather reports refer to Midwest, mountain states, plain states, coastal states, upper Midwest, panhandle, south central, etc., I have trouble deciding which area I live in. Gosh! A guy lives in simple Nebraska and still has to decipher where he lives after watching the weather report.
*  *  *
I attended the Plainsman Museum “Day on the Farm” fundraiser this past Sunday. Now I must admit, even though I married a farmer’s daughter, I am not familiar with all the farm techniques and equipment. However, when touring the museum it’s not difficult to realize, even as a novice, I was getting older when I recalled much of the farm equipment displayed I actually had witnessed in use on farms many years ago. And in reference to those farmer’s daughters, the one I married taught me a lot about farm life and many other things, too.

Now don’t get alarmed. The farmer’s daughter I married maintains after 54 years of marriage what many farm wives do today. She serves at least one meal a day that must consist of plenty of meat, potatoes, veggies and dessert. That meal also must have enough on the table for one more serving because an unexpected guest might stop by.
*  *  *
The other day a youngster asked his mother this question: “If the Lord gives us our daily bread ... and Santa Claus brings us the Christmas presents ... and the stork brings the babies, then what’s the use of having dad around?”
*  *  *
It’s been said men may take up the law, but women lay it down!

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