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Dear Editor:
I’m not sure who to direct this to exactly, but on a recent evening I took a drive into the country, just for fun and to see nature as it is at the present -- a beautiful green and lush environment.
The ride was sometimes difficult due to the unwatched sprinklers that shoot over the road, not only before my passing by but once in a while as I am passing.
It is illegal to let this happen and very dangerous. But, I have heard some say, they don’t maintain the end gun because it takes too much time and they will pay their $100 fine instead. That’s not really enough to deter them.
I don’t have to drive the country roads often, but I have family and friends who do regularly and I know of a recent experience when the driver came very close to having an accident when hitting such a spot in the dark.
Not only are there errant sprinklers, but many corners are blinded by corn or sunflowers. My son-in-law and family live with the aftermath of a blind corner accident, victims of carelessness.
While I don’t enjoy being a complainer, sometimes it is necessary to remind people of problem areas. The road becomes wet and traffic causes ruts, gravel washes off and driving is made more difficult.
I, for one, will report the situation in hopes of getting a safer drive. I hope the owners will take responsibility for their own property.
Noni Troester

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