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Meyer, OSU everywhere PDF E-mail

He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!

To put it quite bluntly, I’m sick and tired of Urban Meyer!

Just log on to just about any sports website or tune in to ESPN’s daily college football shows, and you’ll see and hear Meyer and the Buckeyes featured prominently, everywhere and anywhere. Every day, I swear.

So when son Aaron gave me a heads up last week that Bo Pelini was in Connecticut, at the ESPN studios all day for TV and radio interviews, I set the DVR on my lunch hour to record a couple of the football shows. And when I hit play later that evening, guess who was also a featured guest.

No, say it ain’t so. The fact that Meyer was the first one interviewed simply left me speechless.

Hey, I was expecting a Pelinifest!

To his credit, Bo eventually came off pretty well for just the couple minutes he was on screen, although he’ll never be a media mogul. He stutters way too much and tends to state the obvious without much Husker insight. And he tends to repeat himself.
I don’t really have anything against Meyer the man, just Meyer the coach.

He’s just way too “slick,” not in a Barry Switzer way, but in just a condescending way.

When he states that Ohio State’s disciplinary measures are tougher than any other university’s in the nation, I’ve got to wonder out loud, given his track record at Florida with his players and not to mention the problems he’s already encountered in Columbus. That is pretty much a slap in the face to other coaches, too.

Unfortunately, despite Ohio State’s recent probation and despite the player run-ins with the law, the Buckeyes have developed into Big Ten media darlings. They seemingly can do no wrong at this point, much like Texas was to the Big 12.

Like it or not, that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Nebraska was one of five Big Ten schools to be ranked in the USA Today coaches’ football poll, released just this past week.

The Huskers came in at No. 18, just behind Michigan and 17 spots lower than Ohio State, so us media folk believes there is quite a gap between the top two conference teams this season.

If you ask me, it’s impossible to predict an Alabama-Ohio State matchup in Pasadena for all the marbles, but most are saying that. Injuries, team chemistry, coaching, schedule strength, player development and pure luck are factors that make or break teams, and who’s to say in August how that will all pan out?

It’s fun to speculate, but if there’s one thing I’d like to see from the national media, it’s less predicting and more reporting.

Just the facts, please.
Believe it or not, it’s Andrew Rodriguez’s senior season. I’m sure he’s excited and I’m excited, too, for the entire offensive line. I think this could be an excellent group, a dominant group, the one Husker Nation has been waiting for.

Andrew will be part of a three player rotation at the tackle position, pretty much like a year ago. Between A-Rod at 6-foot-6 and 330 pounds, Brent Qvale at 6-7 and 315 and Jeremiah Sirles at 6-6 and 310, these three seniors should have their way much of the time. And if, as expected, JUCO lineman Matt Finnin contributes, too, look out. He’s “only” 6-7, 305.

It’s obvious I’m expecting BIG things from these guys.

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