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Great story teller.
Gifted photographer.
Creative page designer.
Tech-savvy problem solver.
One of the most genuine people you will ever meet.
Laurie Pfeifer has written and edited literally hundreds of thousands of adjectives describing the people of Hamilton County over the past 38 years, but the time has come for some of those descriptive words of praise to be written about her. Looking forward to turning her own page of life, Laurie will be retiring as the News-Register’s managing editor effective Oct. 1.
Though the community she covered and the tools she used to do her job changed dramatically over the past four decades, Laurie has been a constant in so many ways. She is one of the lucky ones who found her passion -- journalism -- early on and devoted her life’s work to perfecting her craft. That has been a blessing, both for her and her hometown.
In any business these days, anticipating and adapting to change is a key ingredient to success. Newspapers have most certainly seen a paradigm shift in that regard, and Laurie has helped this publication stay ahead of the curve. She embraced detail and change, whether it involved complicated stories, digital photography or a shift toward social media reporting. Indeed, she was the whole package.
One thing that has not changed in the information business is credibility, and on that subject Laurie Pfeifer was the News-Register’s anchor. She understood how important it was to get the story right and to treat sources with respect, working as many hours as needed, on deadline, to maintain her high standards of reporting.
Laurie’s commitment to quality journalism shone the brighest in her coverage of school and agricultural issues. Talk about a perfect fit for Hamilton County! A farm girl at heart, she was very comfortable putting on blue jeans and talking with farmers out in the fields, as well as delving into the classroom to tell local readers about the quality of Aurora Public Schools.
She constantly sought to “raise the bar,” as she put it. For example, she suggested we scrap the monthly Ag Scope edition a few years back, pointing out that there is so much innovation and change unfolding on the county’s rural landscape that agriculture deserved more time, space and attention. The end result was a weekly, two-page Ag Life section that has become one of the News-Register’s hallmarks.
Though she wasn’t motivated by accolades, Laurie’s ag coverage earned the Omaha World-Herald’s prestigious Service to Agriculture award 14 of the past 15 years. That speaks volumes about her ability, and her vision for telling stories that deserve to be told.
On behalf of the News-Register and all of our readers, I wish you a happy retirement, Laurie, and thank you for giving so much of yourself for so many years.
You will be missed!
Kurt Johnson

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