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This is a crazy world and I’ve come to the conclusion I’m part of the craziness. While up at a Minnesota lake cabin, and having some idle time, I caught myself clocking how far a snapping turtle can travel in a six minute span. Doing such an act means a guy must really, really have some idle time and the turtle must have known this observer was nuts.

Without further comment, I will inform you the turtle was on a mission to lay her eggs and she covered 105 feet in the six minute trek. I should also add that while Prince William and Kate are new parents, the turtle has some time before parenthood and won’t even be present for the births. Turtle eggs hatch in a time span of nine to 18 weeks and the little guys will be alone on their march back to their palace in the lake.

I was debating whether to make my craziness public but, after reviewing a recent national newspaper, I felt better because I am in the company of a lot of crazy people. In the newspaper were editorials covering immigration reform and the potential crumbling of  the Obamacare coalition. However, right next to that page was a lengthy story detailing the skills needed to win the International Cherry-Pit Spitting Contest in Michigan. I will spare you those details, but will point out one contestant practiced daily spitting cherry pits and wind is a factor in the contest.

Over the years much has been said about studies. You may want to know (or don’t want to know) about joint government-private sponsored science research at universities and other individual research  projects.

This science research covers such subjects titled “Why dogs become man’s best friends; why some teams always seem to dominate the NCAA basketball tournament and skills needed to ride a bike. My favorite research, backed by some government funding, is the usefulness and safety of alternative and complementary medicine interventions. I like the response of one rational doctor when informed of that research who concluded: “There’s no such thing as alternative medicines -- there’s only medicines that work and medicines that don’t.”

In concluding, I should point out there might be a study people who live in messy houses would cheer. It’s a known fact dust mites cause hay fever-like symptoms that can trigger asthma attacks. A recent study showed these dust mites are less able to survive in messy, unmade beds because conditions were too warm and dry for them.
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I overheard a lady chatting with her friend. She said: “I don’t mind men who kiss and tell. At my age I need all the advertising I can get.”

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