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It’s been said Americans have increasingly become more dependent on Washington to get things done. That may have been the case several years ago but, judging from what has been going on with “political cooperation” in both the U.S. Senate and Congress the past few years, not much seems to be getting done.

Well, that isn’t exactly the case. Despite not getting things done, government continues to grow. If you have any doubts about our regulatory state, the official directory of regulation -- the 2012 Federal Register -- today has 78,961 pages. Those of you who have the 1986 copy will find that Register was comprised of 44,812 pages and in 1936 it contained just 2,620 pages. If you still question government isn’t growing, a news story in the Wall Street Journal reported since 1993, 81,883 new rules have been issued and in the past 10 years the “final rules” issued by our 63 federal departments, agencies and commissions have outnumbered laws passed by Congress 323 to 1.

It’s no wonder why the economy isn’t growing. Throughout the nation we’re all too busy trying to abide by the continual wave of new federal regulations instead of our own business and economic development.
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Recently two women were overheard discussing life. One had four beautiful children, the other had none. The latter gazed wistfully at the sky and said, “I’d  give 10 years of my life to have such children as yours.”

“Well,” said the other woman gravely, “four children cost just about that!”
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Remember when folks used to worry that they couldn’t take it with them? With today’s tax situation, now their only worry is whether it will last as long as they do.
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Several years ago Lt. Gen. Helmick, deputy commander of the U.S. forces in Iraq made this comment: “We gave 28 million Iraqis the greatest gift anyone can give and that is their freedom. It is now up to the Iraqis to capitalize on that gift.”

A report this past week stated over 1,000 Iraqis had died in the past month from suicide bombings and other violence. Apparently our gift of freedom had little value to that nation. As our forces prepare to leave Afghanistan I assume our “gift” will eventually have a like response.
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I smiled a few weeks ago when I read in the News-Register how Lyle and Peggy Shaneyfelt celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. However, I discovered another important accolade was left out. Just after we moved to Aurora, fellow left-hander Lyle organized and held the first Left-Handers’ Club coffee at a local café on Saturday morning. Unfortunately that club didn’t last for 80 years, but us left-handers continue to thrive.

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