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Dear Editor:

It is time for another of the rank and file to speak out on privatizing Hamilton Manor. Rather than repeat some of the facts that have already been brought out, I’ll review a few other aspects.
In the beginning, as earlier reported, the foresight of the county commissioners at that time -- Wilshusen, Uechert and Obermeier -- of seeing a home for the elderly was commendable and, in the subsequent vote of the county voting constituency, the vote was slightly over 80 percent in favor! That, in itself, should say something.
So, initially, the first portion of Hamilton Manor was built some 50 years ago with additions added about 25-30 years ago. This was under the last years of Earl Strong and the first year or so of Barry Robertshaw. Surely building codes would have dictated a little longer usage than this. It was a good system with good rapport with the then Drs. Murphy, Larson and Treptow.
Pause for a minute, if you will, and observe the traffic on the square or at the grocery store and mall, or at the library or the Bremer Center, and note the number of elderly people trying to maintain their independence by living alone -- or the number of Meals on Wheels, where their only contact is with those who deliver their only meal of the day, and by their TV. Their quality of life is sorely diminished. The escalation of medical care and living expenses in these present economic times has eroded their savings.
The latest figures indicate that one out of three over the age of 65 will suffer a fall this year -- this in the face of already physical and/or mental impairments -- a rather gloomy outlook! Far too many wait until it’s too late to enter a home for the elderly for independent and/or assisted living.
As reported, the remark by one of the present commissioner board was made, “We have enough beds available. No one should be turned away whether they’re on Medicaid or not.” But the ensuing vote left the Manor board somewhat in limbo as to whether to continue present renovation of the rooms.
There also was a letter a couple weeks ago indicating the urgent replacement need of a new call system at an estimated cost of $35,000. As a suggestion to you readers, forego that prime rib meal once on some weekend or that weekend boating excursion to the lake some weekend, donate that amount to the Manor call system fund instead.
In retrospect, to liquidate the Manor assets and going to a private home instead seems to just aggravate the situation. A private home will necessitate a greater motivation for more profitability. It seems your elderly friends and family should be recognized and entitled to some quality of life in their twilight years. Aren’t they the generation that earned the progress of Hamilton County to this point in time? So, do we face up to the need or just pass the problem onto someone else? Thank you for your indulgence.
Ardean P. Andersen
East Park Villa
Formerly of the Marquette/Kronborg area

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