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Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of the Hamilton Manor. I want to thank the people who saw a need for Hamilton Manor years ago. I’m sure there were many pros and cons at that time, as there is now.

I do not remember all the activity surrounding the issue at the time. I was probably one who said “Who needs it.” I have learned over the years, never to say never.

The Manor has been invaluable to my family and friends. My mother, two sisters, five aunts and uncles and several friends have had their last home address at 1515 5th Street.

Memorial Hospital just completed a $13 million update. I believe the board saw the need to update to keep up with the times. Several projects, such as turf on the football field and four new ballfields, have just been completed with donated funds. The new swimming pool is a $3.5 million project. These are all wonderful additions to the community, but remember they all have to be kept up. This will be done with fees, taxes or more donated private funds.

I do not have the answers but, as our population of seniors are all living longer, the need for the Hamilton Manor is as great as ever.

I want to thank in advance the Manor Board, ad hoc committee and the commissioners for their efforts to come up with a viable solution.

Larry Hansen

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