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Sometimes, something good emerges from something bad. That was the case for the betterhalf this summer a few weeks ago. Before getting into the details of good vs. bad, here’s some background information.
The betterhalf is an avid book reader. I would say she might be one of our local library’s best customers. We rarely travel anywhere without the betterhalf lugging along at least a couple of books. When we travel she maintains her nose in a book, only to quickly glance up when the car makes a sudden stop or when I, while observing some scenery, might drift over a rumble strip on the side of the roadway.
However, a little over a year ago, her reading habits went modern when she received a gift Kindle Fire. That meant no more packing a bag loaded with books to our summer vacation spot in Minnesota. Instead, she now carried this small computer, electronic tablet or pad that magically brought, with the touch of her finger, a host of books right before her eyes.
Just when a guy thinks he has it made, a situation can change in a minute. In this case the change also involved not only “the guy,” but the betterhalf as well.
A few weeks ago the betterhalf ventured out on the boat dock to enjoy some sun and do some reading via her Kindle Fire. Meanwhile, I was experiencing a computer problem and called for her to “come ashore” and give me some help. As usual, the betterhalf responded enthusiastically, putting her Kindle Fire on the seat cushion of her boat dock chair and delightfully rushing to my aid.  Her enthusiasm waned when she returned back to the dock chair, only to discover the wind had blown off the chair’s seat cushion along with her Kindle. Seat cushions float, but at this point the question of a Kindle floating seems remote and still unanswered. That’s not to say the betterhalf didn’t give it the “old college try” in her watery search for her book reader.
She scoured the shoreline for several days, amid some grumbling and a reference about trying to help at guy with his computer. She found the seat cushion in a matter of a few hours. Of course the seat cushion was one of those “4-for-$5” bargains. Meanwhile the Kindle eluded her search and is in the deep six somewhere in the lake and now has gone down in history as “lost at sea.”
At the beginning of this tale I stated that sometimes, something good comes from something bad. We celebrated an anniversary this month and I needed a gift idea for the betterhalf. You can’t image better timing for getting the perfect gift for the betterhalf. Yep, a new Kindle Fire HD brought a smile back to the betterhalf’s face.
The summer is all but over. Fishing has been pretty good. In fact, one fisherman reported seeing a fish reading a Kindle at the bottom of the lake. The betterhalf was not amused.

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