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A couple of things I learned when I was a newspaper publisher was a publisher needed a thick skin and a sense of humor that enabled him to laugh at himself. Since I was a slow learner, my skin finally got thicker and laughs became easier as I got older. Unfortunately, many of our black and white errors were not a laughing matter to a publisher, but provided lots of laughs to many of our readers.
Despite the fact computers with spell-check have replaced the typewriter, dictionary and the eagle eyes of proof readers, those typographical errors still continue in today’s modern journalism. I came across a few of them after reading a national trade publication. I don’t know if these publishers are laughing, but I can now be on the sidelines and laugh along with the newspaper readers.
Here are some of those smile makers:
From Ohio -- “He had the privilege also of viewing a number of rare Egyptian tummies.”
In an Alabama newspaper -- “Our morality rate in Fairfield is low while our birth rate is high.”
A New York department store advertisement -- Evening Gowns Cut Down Ridiculously Low,”
In Texas it was reported -- “Miss Opal Mc____ won first prize for the most original costume at the Hi-Jinx masquerade. Needless to say Miss Mc____ was quite pickled.”
From Missouri -- “The bride was entrancingly gowned in a sheer, soft blue net gown which fell to the floor as she swept down the aisle.”
Another Texas newspaper reported -- “Whether the millionaires were most interested in stocks or blondes, he declined to say.”
A Vermont newspaper printed this recipe for fried chicken -- “Use a frying pan large enough so pieces will fit without crowing.”
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While on the subject of journalism you may notice many columnists and editorial writers use the editorial “we.” It’s a strange grammatical irregularity attempting to pull the reader personally into the editorial’s viewpoint. Or, it may have been just a lonesome editor hoping he finds someone else with the same viewpoint. Someone has said that only three classes of people can use the irregularity: Monarchs, editors and those who have tapeworm.
*  *  *
A mathematician tells the easiest way to figure out the cost of living is to take your income and add 10 percent.

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