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Dear Editor:
Since Hamilton Manor was voted into being because of the work of the Aurora Women’s Club (with Eldon Higby, fire chief, helping) why were women not on the investigating committee? Over 100 women across the county worked to provide activities for the residents until the law to hire an activities director was passed.

The Manor was in good shape financially until sometime in 2008, according to your article. I believe that coincides with the series of administrators who have been hired by the home after Barry Robertshaw’s death. This tells me there has been a poor choice of administrators.

The job requires “round the clock” supervision with the administrators there 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (at least), five days a week and a charge nurse or LPN on weekends. Former county treasurer Earl Strong, my husband, even dropped in at 11 p.m. when he heard the night shift wasn’t functioning as they should. The commissioners who recruited Earl felt that the administrator must be a resident of the county who really cares about aged persons, a good budget maker, aware of bills needing to be paid and pay them, and be present among the residents to hear their concerns and needs.

As stated by one of the board members, “quality of care is what will bring people and a comfortable caring place to be.” Neither by husband, Earl, the first administrator, or his successors had any advice from any local sources except the board and commissioners.

I feel that the board can find such a person, plus a volunteer if needed. There is a state office that oversees nursing homes that might be helpful. However, let the hospital be the hospital (and it is good) and the Manor be an outstanding nursing home.

Irene Strong

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