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Hamilton County has a lot to offer.
You know and we know it, but as always the challenge of rolling out the red carpet to prospective newcomers while at the same time welcoming natives back to the fold is an ongoing process. It is all about marketing, in a sense, but it’s also about just putting words and pictures to a wonderful story that deserves to be told again and again.
One of the county’s most comprehensive marketing pieces is hot off the press this week in the form of a full-color magazine. The Hamilton County Guide offers guests and prospective newcomers a Reader’s Digest version of a place that’s very special to those who call it home.
The News-Register has published the “Guide” for years, compiling information that in effect offers a snapshot of the county. If you’re new to town or thinking about moving your family and/or business here, it’s a helpful tool.
The Guide was traditionally printed as a newspaper supplement, then distributed through the local chamber office, newcomer packets and at points of interest all over the county. That formula has worked well for decades. The last three versions of this biennial product, however, have featured a more modern magazine format which better reflects the colorful people and places you’ll find here. It should be noted that this project a joint venture with the Aurora Area Chamber & Development, which sought and received a grant from the Hamilton County Visitors Committee to help reduce the cost of advertising for local businesses.
The 80-page document is chock full of information about area tourist attractions, which is part of the reason the Guide is distributed at visitor centers along Interstate 80 through the Nebraska Travel Association’s swap program. Travelers heading east or west in our direction are much more likely to turn off at Exit 332 if they have more insight on what they’ll find here.
On that note, a study conducted a while back concluded that we weren’t tapping our full potential, from a tourism perspective, partly because the story of what all there is to do here wasn’t being told effectively. This resource is designed to do that, and more.
In addition to photos and articles about the Edgerton Explorit Center, Plainsman Museum and other attractions, readers can learn about the area’s history, education and health care facilities, community services, as well as the many events that make Hamilton County unique. Area businesses and organizations are featured as well, helping paint a broad picture of all the opportunities available.
And who knows, someone stopping through for a first-time visit or a local alum back in town for a class reunion or community celebration just might realize that this is a great place to live. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, or the last.
Kurt Johnson

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