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Dear Editor:

First and foremost, the Hamilton Manor Board expresses appreciation to the county board and county officials working with us to help resolve the financial difficulties at the Manor.
We hold fast to the knowledge of the needs of our community’s aging population that are being met by the operation of the Hamilton Manor’s skilled care nursing home facility. The board stands firmly committed to our residents, their families and to the qualified staff who care for our residents.
For many years the Hamilton Manor operated successfully without the support of property tax dollars. Unfortunately, after 45 years, that is no longer feasible. Revenues and savings were eaten up by decade-old generators, boilers, sewer systems and out-dated kitchen and laundry equipment. Consequently, the Manor could not afford building or resident room updates of the magnitude needed to compete with brand new facilities.
While much publicity surrounds the Manor’s difficulties, it is important to also look at the progress made.
Our management team focuses on compliance with ever-changing and increased federal and state regulations, which strictly govern the operation of skilled care nursing homes. And, thanks to the generosity of some, the bathing facilities have received major renovations and we can proudly say the Hamilton Manor is the first skilled care facility in the county to offer suites to residents.
We are dedicated to working with county officials, community leaders and benefactors to insure residents and faithful employees that the Hamilton Manor continue to be a vital asset in Hamilton County. The road will not be easy. The county commissioners and county taxpayers will be asked to guide us and help us through budget appropriations or bond issues. Let your representative know your opinion. We hope you will support these efforts.
Roger Bamesberger,
chairman on behalf of the Hamilton Manor Board of Trustees

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