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Dear Editor:

This is a letter I have sent to President Obama about the tar sands XL Pipeline. I realized the issues of tar sand extraction when Ken Ilgunas was walking by our family farm. He is on a trek to walk the entire route of the proposed XL pipeline. You can follow him on his blog: kenilgunas.com. Ken showed my family a video he took while flying over the tar sands in Alberta Canada. I suddenly realized this wasn’t only my families issue but a global issue. To watch his video go to YouTube: goons 11111 –Tar Sands Alberta.

The tar sand extraction is an environmentally devastating process. If the whole tar sand area is developed, it will destroy an area larger than the state of Florida. This part of the Boreal Forest will never be reclaimed.

The bigger issue of tar sand extraction is that it is the dirtiest oil in the world with the highest carbon emissions. It will be sold on the world market and bought by developing countries like China and South America. Oil companies are blocked going west because of the protected Prince William Sound and blocked to the east because of First Nation’s Actions. I believe this is an export pipeline; not for America.


Dear President Obama,

Mr. President, please draw the line in the sand. There can’t be a more powerful message to the world, than if the United States of American stops supporting dirty energy. Say no to the XL Pipeline.

The tar sand development is a nasty business at so many levels. Canada is waging a huge war against the environment in the boreal forest, polluting the fresh water of that area, and razing millions of acres of boreal forest. When we, as humans, choose to sin against nature the cost is always high.

I feel saying no to this pipeline will certainly be marked in history as a turning point for humanity. Generations to come will know when people started to stand up for the climate and that we needed to start to look for renewable energy. I feel the wind and the sun couldn’t be calling to us any louder! Instead we keep on this path of destruction in using the dirtiest of fuel sources, the tar sands.

I feel this fuel will be sold on the world market and won’t be used in the United States, because of its extremely high carbon emissions. If this is true, then why would we ever take the chance to run this toxic oil over the great Ogallala Aquifer?

Fresh water is our greatest natural resource. When there is already a shortage, why would we ever want to risk polluting one of the greatest aquifers in the world? It makes no sense to me.

I am a 49-year-old farmer and horticulturalist. I live on my family’s farm in York County in eastern Nebraska. My husband, Mike, raises corn and soybeans and I have landscaping business. Our love of the land is great. Something stirred in my heart this spring and I became very concerned about the climate. I have always been very awed by nature and tied to it. Our farm was homesteaded by my great-great grandfather who came from England to homestead in 1864. It has been cherished and cared for by each generation. My father, who is deceased, cared much about water conservation. The land was left to me and my three sisters. The water that peacefully lies under our ground is what makes farming in this area so very valuable. We are very aware we need to protect it. We had record crops this summer with the drought where we were able to irrigate.

The proposed pipeline route will cut through my family farm, one mile from my home and nursery business. We have neighbors that the proposed pipeline route will go 300 feet from their house well.

If the tar sands were ever leaked into the aquifer, life as we know it would be changed forever. There would be no getting them out of the aquifer. There are many stories such as ours on how the proposed pipeline would change lives. It will devalue our land and present a great risk to the Ogallala Aquifer when it leaks. It will leak, they plan on leaks, but they don’t know what will happen when it gets into the aquifer. There are many places along the route that the water table is very high! As you know tar sands are another beast, they sink when they get into water. What would clean up look like? No one can answer that. They don’t know.

I heard what you said in your inauguration address about climate change and protecting the environment. Yes the time is NOW. We have no time to waste. When one barrel of tar sand produces two barrels of toxins, please say no to this nasty, dirty source of oil. Let it lie in the earth where it belongs!

When making your decision please hear our hearts calling for a change in the direction of our energy resources.

Jenni Harrington


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