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Dear Editor:

I would like to address the provision of the new Health Care Act that allows insurance companies to charge smokers 50 percent higher health insurance premiums beginning Jan. 1.

No one hates smoking more than I do. But this is very discriminating. The Health Care Act was touted as removing discrimination against those with pre-existing health problems. Smoking is a pre-existing problem. I guess the government forgot that they GAVE cigarettes to soldiers and sailors when they were under the most extreme stress of their lives serving their country at war. Now they are going to punish them for it?

What about punishing people for their poor sexual choices in life? We all know that HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases cost billions in health care dollars every year. Maybe they should charge more to those who drink alcohol. And what about the biggest health epidemic sweeping this nation today... obesity? Are those who choose to eat too much of the wrong foods and then don’t exercise enough going to be charged 50 percent higher insurance premiums also?

I guess this is what Pelosi meant when she said they would have to pass the legislation to see what’s in it. How stupid was that? I think anyone who voted for or supported the Health Care Act should be charged 50 percent higher premiums. Personally, I fail to see the "care" in "Obamacare."

Dorothy Salmon


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