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Handing out my presents PDF E-mail

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas?

I know I do.

Everything from Santa to the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

But to Nebraska fans, it’s been quite a year. The ups and the downs. The bumps in the road. The utter exuberance and the utter frustrations.

But that won’t stop me from handing out my yearly Santa gifts to all those in need, with a special emphasis on all things red.

At the top of my list is (who else?) Tom Osborne. I’m feeling a little sad these days knowing there are only a few days left with him in charge down in Lincoln. My gift to him? A big red and white rocking chair, red and white slippers and a permanent position as recruiting coordinator at the U of N.

To Rex Burkhead, one more year of eligibility.

To Tim Miles, six conference wins and continued success on the recruiting trail.

To John Cook, a brand new arena (oh, never mind).

To Andrew Rodriguez, lots of pancakes in Orlando.

To Kenny Bell, two more healthy years in Lincoln and the name of a good barber. (On second thought, ditch the barber).

To Jamal Turner, three touchdown receptions against Georgia. Yo Jamal!

To Taylor Martinez, a fumble-free four quarters against the ‘Dogs.

To Eric Martin, a nice-sized signing bonus following the NFL draft.

To Johnny Manziel...oh never mind.

To Josh Hamilton, 125 million reasons to love L.A.

To the Los Angeles Lakers, a long off-season.

To the Dallas Cowboys, a long offseason.

To Bret Bielema, a southern accent.

To Urban Meyer, a bigger ego (if that’s possible).

To Manti Te’o, the No. 1 pick in the draft.

To Peyton Manning, a MVP plaque.

To Russell Wilson and RG3, co-Rookie of the Year awards.

To Ameer Abdullah, 1,600 yards rushing next fall and a Heisman trip to New York City next December.

To Brian Kelly, a national coach of the year award and some "Luck of the Irish" against Alabama.

To Rick Bell, a healthy basketball team come January.

To Aaron Rodgers, a halt to filming anymore "Discount Double Check" commercials.

To Bo Pelini, a player who can catch and return punts, lots of help up front on the defensive line and no more bad blowout losses.

To the New York Knicks, a spot in the NBA finals...finally.

To all those commissioners and schools thinking more conference realignment...the ability to just say no!

To Bill Snyder, a win over Oregon in Arizona and a purple rocking chair.

To my daughter-in-law Mikala, a huge Holiday Bowl win for your UCLA Bruins in San Diego.

For my son-in-law Brandon, back-to-back victories for your Arizona Cardinals over Chicago and San Francisco to finish out the season. (Sorry, no playoffs for you, young man).

To my daughter Jordan, an undefeated freshman volleyball season next fall. Go Bison!

To my son Aaron, a 2013 Aston Martin and a California mansion.

And finally to my wife Cindy, a golden retriever puppy (just kidding!) and fuzzy pink slippers to keep your feet warm this winter.

That’s bag is empty.

To all...a Merry Christmas!



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