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OSU loss an indictment of inconsistency PDF E-mail

Where have you gone, Grant Wistrom? And just what in the name of Christian Peter is going on here?

In yet another embarrassing beatdown on national TV, Nebraska fell to Ohio State Saturday night in Columbus and in doing so, showed once again just how inconsistent this program has become under fifth-year head coach Bo Pelini.

Consistency? You tell me.

How can a defense that held the Buckeyes to 17 first quarter yards end up yielding 63 points, the fourth-most in school history? It was shades of Bill Callahan all over again.

How can a defense look so inept at not only rushing the quarterback, but in trying to curtail him once he crossed the line of scrimmage?

And how can a defense that played pretty darn well a week ago in the Wisconsin win, come back and lay an egg in the biggest game of the season?


What I wouldn’t give for a Lavonte David sighting.

But it starts and stops with the head coach, and in my opinion, therein lies much of the problem.

A blatant lack of consistency.

I’ve attended a few post-game press conferences when Bo isn’t pleased with how things went. Pretty much all of the reporters are walking on egg shells. I was there in Pasadena following the loss to the Bruins in early September, when his answers were short and his blood pressure tall.

I’ve seen him glare at reporters when they ask questions about how his team performed, or didn’t perform.

I heard him snap back at Husker play-by-play announcer Greg Sharpe on Saturday night’s post-game coach’s show, saying "Well, what do you think?"

I’ve seen him interact with players on the sidelines, screaming at the top of his lungs. I saw him countless times in Columbus questioning referee’s calls when he should have been focused on coaching.

Winning doesn’t always solve everything, but in this case it would certainly give a healthy shot in the arm to recruiting, which quite frankly has taken a hit during Pelini’s reign.

Nebraska’s lack of talent on defense, especially on the line and at linebacker, was glaring against the Buckeyes.

A lack of any real push up front coupled Husker defenders looking silly trying to even touch Braxton Miller made the sophomore quarterback look like a Heisman Trophy finalist.

But we’ve all been down this road before, haven’t we?

I understand Nebraska players love their head coach and that’s great. That isn’t always the case. But Bo is still a teacher, a leader, and he needs to do a better job of showing consistency... from recruiting, coaching the sidelines and yes, even at his post-game press conferences.

We media people are pretty rough around the edges. We don’t fluster easily so we can take his "kingergarten-like" approach. But we’re not the ones who have to go out and perform. Win or lose, all we do is pack up our voice recorders, our notes, and head back to our computers or laptops to hammer out yet another Husker storyline.

Aurora native Andrew Rodriguez said following Saturday’s loss that his team needs to be more motivated. That may be true, but his coach needs that consistency.

At this point in time, what does he have to lose?



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