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Dear Editor:

Our three commissioners -- Larry Fox, Tim Bergen and Doug Andersen -- are just a big joke.

If they want to evaluate all the workers they should start with themselves. I would evaluate Larry Fox at a big 0 and recommend no pay at all. Bergen and Andersen, I would rate them a 1 with most of their pay taken away.

You three clowns should follow the handbook yourselves. Isn’t there a county attorney or a state attorney who can do something with these three clowns. Termination of all three of these commissioners would be fitting, or a ride in a very slow boat to China.

If Tim Bergen wasn’t Larry Fox’s puppet, he wouldn’t let Larry Fox run all over him when he recommended a written reprimand for Kent Tucker. Larry Fox sounds like a dictator. We don’t need you Larry Fox. Go home and stay there.

Doug Andersen reflects very poorly on the whole county when he said Wally shouldn’t act as a liaison to Darla because he likes her. Well all three of you other commissioners hate her, so that isn’t right at all.

Roy Kliewer

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